United Nations Security Council

On UNSC’s Agenda:
Threat of Cyber Attacks to Key State Infrastructure

Although the developments in the digital sphere have provided us with an abundance of opportunities which we could not have imagined before, digitalisation at the same time presents States and their citizens with unprecedented challenges and dangers.

Cyberwarfare is becoming an alarmingly common practice. Cyber reconnaissance, cyber attacks and cyber espionage are just a few examples of the various techniques which have been employed over the last years, and which can have severe impacts on the functioning of vital State infrastructure. Moreover, reports of cyberattacks as we have seen, for example, with Russia’s interference with the 2016 United States elections, shed light not only on the dangers of cyberwarfare when employed against nation states by private parties, but that such strategies are also being developed by governments to pursue their political goals. As such, this move away from traditional forms of warfare means that States are forced to develop new means of protection too.

In the Security Council, we will debate your proposals on possible approaches to overcoming and preventing such threats of attacks to vital State infrastructure, and strive towards coming to a common solution to the question of cyberwarfare and its legitimacy in the globalising world.


Meet Your Chair:
Emma Lehbib

Dear future delegates,

My name is Emma, I am 19 years old, and I am of German-Sahrawi origin. Currently, I study International and European Law at RUG.

My passion for political simulations was sparked at my old high school’s MUN in 2017 and continued when being a Chair, President and Secretary General at several MUNs and Model European Parliament in the following years. During my political simulations journey, I had the pleasure of traveling to Berlin, Bonn, Vienna and The Hague. Now I am happy to chair the Security Council together with Yara at GrunnMUN 2022.

I look forward to a fun and productive MUN session with you!

Meet Your Chair:
Yara Lilie de Leon

Hi, my name is Yara, and I will be one of your Security Council Chairs. I first got involved in MUN in 2017 at a conference in Zurich, Switzerland, where I am from, and have gone down the rabbit hole of attending conferences ever since. I have been a delegate, have chaired and been on the organising team of countless MUNs. This will however be my first conference in the Netherlands, and I very much am looking forward to it.

I am a first-year bachelor’s Student at RUG for Communications and Information. I am 21 years old, and I also work as a Bartender and a Stylist when I am not studying or doing MUN. I do really enjoy a good young adult fiction book so give me your best suggestions.

Favourite Quote: 

The Goblet of Fire, Page 723, Dumbledore 
“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”