Why Should You Come to Online TEIMUN 2021?

By Jelle Dams, Fundraiser 2020 / 2021

Dear delegates,

As you may all have seen by now, the TEIMUN 2021 conference will take place in an online format. We, as the Board of Directors, felt this was the most logical step in lieu of the current Covid-19 situation both in the Netherlands and abroad. Although this was an extremely difficult choice, it was a necessary one. We are now executing our plan B, and working very hard in making the online format of TEIMUN 2021 a unique experience for you.

On the other side, there are things that a physical TEIMUN has that you will most definitely not miss. 🙂

1) Exhaustion
A physical TEIMUN is very taxing on the mind and the body. Not only do you have council sessions for most of the day – at night you usually also attend our well-known socials, which have the tendency to go until late. Do this for all of the TEIMUN days, and eventually the lack of sleep will take a toll on you. This year, the online TEIMUN has both our renowned socials and the council sessions you know and love, with the added bonus of sufficient sleep to be ready to rock the next day!

2) Reaching Deep into Your Pocket
regardless of how awful it is that this year’s TEIMUN is not physical (and believe; me as well as the rest of the Board would love to see it differently), it does mean you get to save some money. Flights, visas, drinks, hotels, train tickets, and the rest naturally all cost money. Moreover, the online TEIMUN conference costs just €20 for you to be able to join. This is so that we can set up the best possible online platform for your expericene. Even though we weill not be able to meet in person, we are working our hardest to bring you the best online MUN conference in continental Europe.

3) Other Delegates Hijacking Your Council
Honestly, this happens very often, and even in the online format this can be a bit of a problem. However, a physical TEIMUN always has one or two councils that get totally hijacked by a certain delegate. The online format provides much more opportunity for you to stand out, reagrdless of your level of experience! As an added bonus, this will put you into consideration for the Best Delegate Award. So, do your best to stand out!

4) Familiarity with Dutch Weather
I know for some of you this rainy spring (and probably also summer) may seem like a mystery. But as a Dutchie myself, I can attest (along with the rest of the Board) that the Dutch weather can be extremely unpredictable. One day it can be sunny, followed by 1.5 weeks of rain (and only rain). So, although you will miss visiting the Netherlands physically, you will most likely not miss the Dutch weather.

And thus my blogpost draws to a close. I would hereby like to invite you all to apply to online TEIMUN (July 12-15)! Make sure to visit the relevant pages on our website to find out more.

I hope to see (and hear from) all of you soon.