World Health Organization

A Brief Introduction to the WHO

What is the World Health Organization? What does it do in the broader institutional framework of the UN? What are the Organization’s tasks? TEIMUN’s Deputy Secretary-General, Nathan Lauer, explains.

On the WHO’s Agenda: Health in Areas of Conflict

Conflict areas such as Yemen are having a tough time dealing with health issues and diseases as they are battling with so much more. Political tensions, security dilemmas, and socio-cultural issues hinder the activities of local health services, foreign donors, and international health organizations including and especially the WHO – keeping them from operating life-saving facilities and performing disease eradication campaigns.

Recognising this complexity, the WHO leads the global discussion on how to address health concerns in these areas. The council will feature a combined discussion of low and high politics, so that delegates can work out meaningful recommendations on how to address health difficulties in areas of conflict.

Council Level: Beginner / Intermediate


Meet Your Chair:
Muhammad Ganesh Arkana

Hi everyone, my name is Arkana and I will be coming from Indonesia. I have been doing MUNs for quite some time now whether as a delegate, chair, and even a member of the organizing committee. I personally found MUN to be something enjoyable that allows us to learn about global politics.

I am currently studying International Relations with specific interest in Human Security Studies. GrunnMUN will be my first gig in chairing a European MUN and I am pretty excited about it. With that said, I hope to see you in the near future!

Fun Fact: I am a huge Taylor Swift fan. I have even written 3 papers about her during my studies.

Meet Your Chair: 
Helena Rasch

Hello everybody, my name is Helena. Over the past years, I have participated in several MUN conferences in Europe. GrunnMUN 2021 is the first conference where I am chairing. I am looking forward to this new experience!

I am currently a third year International and European Law student at the University of Groningen. I am interested in a variety of fields including Human Rights Law, Health Law and Financial Law. I enjoy discussing politics and enivornmental issues. Other than that, I love meeting up with friends for drinks – in particular cider – and going climbing.

Fun Fact: A few years ago, I went solo backpacking in South America.

Meet Your Chair:
Adinda Wisse

Hi, I’m Adinda. I’m studying International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies. No surprises then that my main area of interest is the Middle East, perhaps best known for being complicated (as if any part of the world is simple). Mainly, I’m interested in development and conflict.

Outside academia I love swimming, writing, and coffee. During past MUN conferences, I’ve mostly represented developing countries. My previous two years at GrunnMUN turned out to be great (but surprisingly intense) days, and I’m looking forward to chairing this year, especially in such a topical council.

Fun Fact: I’ve attempted (and failed) to write several books.