Individual Delegates

Early Bird Individual Registration

Find all information about individual registration on this page!

Delegates can submit their early bird application until 24th March 2024 23:59 CET

Application Proceedure

Once you have decided to apply for TEIMUN 2024, the registration procedure is very simple! Follow the instructions below to apply.

Step 1: Application

Individually apply through the registration form
NB: If you experience issues with the registration form, please email us at

Step 2: Council Choice

At TEIMUN we offer a variety of interesting councils for beginner and experienced MUNers alike. Under Section 4 of the registration form, please indicate your 3 preferred councils, and the 3 countries you would like to represent within those councils. Don’t know what councils you are interested in? Click below and discover our 6 councils and their respective topics.

Step 3: Motivation Statement

Every delegate must submit a statement explaining their motivation to join TEIMUN and their council of choice. This statement should be between 150 and 300 words long and is a chance for you to display your proficiency in writing about global affairs and your command of English in general. Keep in mind that any form of plagiarism or use of AI will result in a direct rejection of your application.

Early Bird Application Deadline:

24th March 2024 23:59 CET

Participation Fee:
€145,- per person (Early Bird) 
€140,- per person (Group Delegation)

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Privacy Policy

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Refund Policy 2024

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