Group Delegations

The European International Model United Nations

Registering as a Delegation

If you are interested in joining TEIMUN 2021 as a delegation, please make sure you read the following information carefully.

What is a Delegation?

A delegation is a group of students that join the conference together, representing a certain university, city, country, MUN club, or other institution or concept. They are, as much as possible, allocated to the same or a couple of overarching countries in different councils, allowing for a broad representation throughout the conference.

Why Join as a Delegation?

There can be various reasons to join TEIMUN 2021 as a delegation. We are very proud that for decades we have had many loyal delegations returning to the Netherlands to join TEIMUN every year. Delegations can be initiated to represent a university or an MUN club in another city or country, but they may also be a group of friends that wants to attend the conference as a unit. 

What Counts as a Delegation?

Any group of at least 6 students can apply as a delegation. The students must be between 18 and 30 years old.

Delegation Discount

Delegations enjoy a 20% discount on the participation fee. This means that the participatio fee per member of a delegation will be €X.

How to Apply as a Delegation?

To register as a delegation, it is important that you follow the following steps:

Step 1: 
Collect the names of all students that are part of your delegation into an Excel sheet.

Step 2: 
Choose a name for your delegation.

Step 3
: Send an email to, stating that you would like to apply as a delegation for TEIMUN 2021. Please include the name of your delegation, the size of your delegation, who will be head delegate* or supervisor** and where your delegation is from, as well as the Excel sheet with the full names of the members of your delegation.

Step 4: 
Once you have received a confirmation from our Participants Coordinator that you are eligible to apply as a delegation, you can follow the regular registration procedure for individual delegates.*** Each delegate in your delegation must apply and pay separately through the registration form. Please make sure that they check the box “I am Part of a Delegation” and fill in the correct name of your delegation.

Step 5: Our Participants Coordinator will check each individual application and make sure they are on the list provided by the head delegate. The Participants Coordinator will only start approving applications once the minimum amount of 6 delegates have signed up.

*The head delegate of the delegation will be the main contact person for the Participants Coordinator. This is the person with whom most of the communication will be done. It is also possible to apply through an advisor – this person will not get a position in the conference but will act as the supervisor of the delegation.

**Supervisors that do not participate in the simulations pay a supervisor fee of €75. They do not need to register through the regular registration form but may arrange their payment directly with the Participants Coordinator.

***Make sure to apply through the correct (Western or Non-Western) form.

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