Why to Get into MUN

Why to Get into MUN

In times like these, when humanity finds itself facing a global pandemic, where numerous countries are in lockdown and many families remain without jobs, we understand the importance of politics.

Politics occurs not just on a national level, amongst presidents and ministers of the cabinet of a certain country, but also amongst individuals in everyday life. To be politically involved means to articulate ones opinion regarding a certain matter, to debate with people on certain topics and to eventually (hopefully) come up with a certain solution to a specific problem. In times like these, we will be facing many problems, as will many politicians when having to explain the issues brought about by COVID-19. We will be called to politicise with one another and to find common solutions, which ought to help us live life to its fullest and most importantly: in harmony.

An MUN, or Model United Nations, gives you the chance to practice voicing your opinion in a way that not only you, but also others remain convinced by it. MUN’s help you understand the tool of diplomacy: finding compromises. Life, may it be at home or at a job or in parliament, is mostly about finding compromises. While this might sound very simple, in reality it often turns out to be rather complicated, as every individual often pursues his or her personal interest before the common interest. By attending MUN’s you learn when to pursue your valued opinion and when to make a concession for the greater good. MUN’s offer you many valuable practical things, such as sharpening your rhetorical skills and boosting your organisational skills. To attend an MUN and to be successful therein, you need: smooth rhetoric skills, well-structured and organised arguments and a convincing but calming diplomatic approach. The more MUN’s you attend, the more you will see yourself excel in these areas.

Most importantly, MUN’s are about you, what you value and what you want to share. Anyone can have their own opinion on a certain issues and voice it. At an MUN you have the chance to put forward arguments that may not be welcomed by all participants, that you believe in. It is a chance for you to share what you believe in and to try and convince others to believe in it, too. This is one of the main reasons that got me into MUN. It is an incredible privilege to have the opportunity to share the stage with similar minded and interested individuals that want to exchange ideas, are ready to debate delicate matters and most importantly: want to find a common solution.  So why should you get into MUNs? To participate, take part, discuss, be engaged and politicise.

By Moisés Holzfeind, Treasurer TEIMUN Board of Directors 2019 / 2020